Formiti Data International teams up with Pontus Vision to create a game changer in the world of data protection

With more and more organisations operating online, the importance of data protection has never been more apparent. Data from the United Nations shows that 128 of 198 countries now have their own regulations in place to secure the protection of consumers’ data and privacy, representing a huge challenge to global operators in terms of compliance. Keeping operations compliant with the new laws places organisations under great financial pressure, resulting in many still trying to manage their operations manually.


Formiti Data International offers a game-changing solution. The company, which provides managed data privacy consultancy services to clients across six regions and thirty countries has teamed up with expert data compliance house Pontus Vision to change the way companies think about compliance. CEO and Founder Robert Healey recognised the daily struggle that global operators face in terms of data protection, so set out to develop an automated global privacy platform that takes data protection compliance to a new level.


The partnership with Pontus Vision has enabled Formiti Data International to develop its flagship product FormitiX. It offers a highly secure platform built with open-source software, which – unlike competitors’ products – gives clients access to codes that allow them to customise the product to suit their individual needs. This represents a huge shift in data protection software, offering a solution that companies of all sizes have been crying out for.


The launch of FormitiX in October means that middle to large-sized companies with international offices will now be able to manage data privacy and compliance more effectively, efficiently, and easily than ever before. A key feature of FormitiX is its flexibility. The software is programmed to be scalable and adaptable, so as new regulations are introduced, the platform is able to easily incorporate and accommodate them.


Pontus Vision founder Leo Martins said: “Why open source? Because we think every organisation should be in a good position to protect and manage their customer data. Most software data solutions use proprietary code, which means clients have to approach their software providers to access the codes. We don’t have vendor lock-in, meaning that if, for any reason, the client needs to access the source code they can do so by simply downloading the code, making the process so much easier and quicker for clients.”


Robert Healey continued, “FormitiX offers international data privacy as a managed service. Large companies today are struggling to manage all their various international data privacy obligations. Using a managed platform that can automate those requirements can save a colossal amount of senior employee hours, not to mention finance.”


More information about how the deal further validates the open-source approach to GRC/IRM solutions for businesses can be found here


Formiti data international is a Dublin based company registered in Ireland, with an SE Asia HQ office in Bangkok. Pontus Vision is UK-based and recognised for its work with the UK Government, as well as having an office in Brazil.


To find out more about Formiti see Details about Pontus Vision can be found at




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